UWRC Head of the Severn

Sunday 4 February 2018

Entries close 3pm Saturday 27 January 2018


Exciting news!

Please visit http://rowtimer.com. There you will be able to see the draw, and watch the times of crews as they progress down the course. Results will update live so you can tell when the race has started, and how far your crew has gone!

The Draw

The draw for the 2017 Head of the Severn can be downloaded here or viewed below.

The draw can also be viewed through rowtimer.com.

Please note that this draw is preliminary and subject to change.

Where insufficient crews have been entered to create an event, crews have been grouped into reasonable groups to create an event. E.g. J16 and J18 crews. However, where this would not be reasonable (e.g. J18 and Elite) this has not been done and events consisting of only 2 crews have been permitted. The original entry status of the crew has been retained on the draw.

Masters crews - please see this page for details of the challenge!

Draw updated 21:15 28/01/2017

Division 1
Boat Number Submitting Club Event Identity Crew Name ClubCode Division Assigned TO
1 Birmingham Univ ELI.4x- UBI-Purcell-Gilpin UBI Division 1
2 Birmingham RC ELI.4x- BIR-Byford BIR Division 1
3 Kings Sch Worcs Junior.4x- KSW-Beattie KSW Division 1
4 Kings Sch Worcs Junior.4x- KSW-Checkley KSW Division 1
5 Birmingham RC Junior.4x- BIR-Allaway BIR Division 1
6 Kings Sch Worcs Junior.4x- KSW-Colebourne KSW Division 1
7 Kings Sch Worcs Junior.4x- KSW-Havercroft KSW Division 1
8 RGS Worcester Int.4x- WRG-Smith WRG Division 1
9 Hereford Cathedral Sch Int.4x- HCS-Hunter-Tod HCS Division 1
10 RGS Worcester Int.4x- WRG-Crump WRG Division 1
11 Hereford Cathedral Sch Int.4x- HCS-Dixon HCS Division 1
12 Worcester RC Int.4x- WRR-Hall WRR Division 1
13 Worcester Univ Int.4x- WRU-Stevens WRU Division 1
14 Worcester RC Masters Challenge WRR-Martin WRR Division 1
15 Worcester RC Masters Challenge WRR-Temple WRR Division 1
16 Worcester RC W.Int.8+ WRR-Sheppard WRR Division 1
17 Birmingham Univ W.Int.8+ UBI-Marsh UBI Division 1
18 Pengwern BC W.Int.8+ PGN-Mason PGN Division 1
19 Kings Sch Worcs W.Int.8+ KSW-Stock KSW Division 1
20 Worcester RC Masters Challenge WRR-Meadowcroft WRR Division 1
21 Birmingham Univ IM3.4+ UBI-Bown UBI Division 1
22 Birmingham RC IM3.4+ BIR-Pye BIR Division 1
Division 2
1 Kings Sch Worcs NOV.4x- KSW-A KSW Division 2
2 Birmingham Univ NOV.4x- UBI-Bellerby UBI Division 2
3 RGS Worcester NOV.4x- WRG-Sparks WRG Division 2
4 Birmingham Univ Beg.8+ UBI-Battagel UBI Division 2 TO
5 Birmingham Univ W.Beg.8+ UBI-Robinson UBI Division 2
6 Harper Adams Univ W.Beg.8+ HAU-Blackwell HAU Division 2
7 Birmingham Univ W.Beg.8+ UBI-Coglin UBI Division 2
8 Harper Adams Univ W.Beg.8+ Harper Adams HAU Division 2
9 Birmingham Univ W.Beg.8+ UBI-Denyr UBI Division 2
10 Worcester Univ W.Beg.4x- WRU-Letch WRU Division 2
11 Birmingham Univ W.Beg.4x- UBI-Hubner UBI Division 2
12 Worcester Univ Beg.4+ WRU-Amendola WRU Division 2
13 Harper Adams Univ Beg.4+ HAU-Fowler HAU Division 2
14 Kings Sch Worcs Junior.4x+ KSW-Brown KSW Division 2
15 RGS Worcester Junior.4x+ WRG-Walker WRG Division 2
16 Birmingham RC Junior.4x+ BIR-Finch BIR Division 2
17 Hereford Cathedral Sch Junior.4x+ HCS-Dixon HCS Division 2
18 Worcester RC Junior.4x+ WRR-Kerton WRR Division 2
19 Kings Sch Worcs Junior.4x+ KSW-Edmonds KSW Division 2 TO
20 RGS Worcester Junior.4x+ WRG-Dyson WRG Division 2
21 Birmingham RC W.NOV.4+ BIR-Myatt BIR Division 2
22 Birmingham RC W.NOV.4+ BIR-Oakes BIR Division 2
23 Kings Sch Worcs W.J15A.4x+ KSW-Havercroft KSW Division 2
24 Hereford Cathedral Sch W.J15A.4x+ HCS-Rawlings HCS Division 2
25 RGS Worcester W.J15A.4x+ WRG-Wang WRG Division 2
26 Kings Sch Worcs W.J15A.4x+ KSW-Edwards KSW Division 2
Division 3
1 York Univ ELI.8+ UYO-Williams UYO Division 3
2 Worcester RC ELI.8+ WRR/WRU-Pettifer WRR Division 3
3 Birmingham Univ ELI.8+ UBI-Bown UBI Division 3
4 Worcester RC ELI.8+ WRR-Tunnacliffe-Jones WRR Division 3
5 Royal Shrewsbury Sch J18A.8+ SHR SHR Division 3
6 Kings Sch Worcs J18A.8+ KSW-A KSW Division 3
7 Kings Sch Worcs J18A.8+ KSW-B KSW Division 3
8 Royal Shrewsbury Sch J18A.8+ SHR2 SHR Division 3
9 Worcester RC W.ELI.4- WRR-Sheppard WRR Division 3 TO
10 Kings Sch Worcs W.J18A.4x- KSW-Lee KSW Division 3
11 RGS Worcester W.J18A.4x- WRG-Bath WRG Division 3
12 Kings Sch Worcs W.J18A.4x- KSW-Brown KSW Division 3
13 Kings Sch Worcs W.J16A.4x- KSW-Clark KSW Division 3
14 Kings Sch Worcs W.J16A.4x- KSW-Watkins KSW Division 3
15 Worcester RC W.J16A.4x- WRR-Silvester WRR Division 3
16 Worcester Univ W.Int.4x- WRU-Everett WRU Division 3
17 Birmingham Univ W.Int.4x- UBI-McLoughlin UBI Division 3
18 RGS Worcester W.Int.4x- WRG-Rabjohn WRG Division 3
19 Worcester RC W.Int.4x- WRR-Hopkins WRR Division 3
20 Worcester RC Int.2x WRR-Gissen WRR Division 3 TO
21 Worcester RC W.Int.4+ WRR-Foulds WRR Division 3
22 Birmingham Univ W.Int.4+ UBI-Senior UBI Division 3
23 Birmingham RC W.Int.4+ BIR-Jones BIR Division 3

Future event dates

  • 04 February 2018
  • 02 February 2019

  • Sponsors

    This year, Stitch Rowing Clothing are sponsoring the new medals that we are offering to event winners!

    We are very grateful to M&M Meats for their continued support of our event. They help us provide a high quality barbecue to our competitors and spectators at great prices!

    Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a category, or the event!

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